Community Concern

  • Led initiative to set buffer requirements between discount box stores, aka Dollar Stores, to reduce the proliferation of these stores in Apopka
  • Voted Against Red Light Cameras
  • Led practical use revisions to the City’s Parking Ordinance
  • Highly responsive to resident communications
  • Fought for established community’s best interests when new issues arose, e.g. Emerson Park with respect to private streets, Lake Doe with respect to limited access to Lake Doe, Rock Springs Ridge with respect to the Stirling Rd access
  • Fought to eliminate small lot straight zoning classification in our Land Development Code re-write, to promote the idea of larger lots and open space
  • Fought to reduce the threshold for the amount of homes that would require a public hearing to ensure the residents of Apopka have a say in the approval process
  • Advocated for the K-8 Kelly Park School that OCPS had removed from their capital improvement plan

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